Intellivision III Brochure

Just imagine what might have been

Mattel Electronics announced the Intellivision III at the Winter Consumer Electronics Show in January 1983. It had no actual hardware to show toy buyers, but Mattel representatives did have a glossy brochure with shots of a sleek new console, wireless controllers, new games in development, and a list of features designed to outclass Colecovision and Atari 5200.

Intellivision III never saw the light of day. It was a victim of feature creep and the impending crash of the video game industry. No prototypes are known to exist. Only a handful of brochures have surfaced over the years.

I've taken the available scans of the brochure, repaired and cleaned them up as much as possible, and had them professionally reprinted on 100 lb. glossy paper. It's a unique souvenir of what might have been.

The reprints are sold out, but you can still download the brochure as a PDF for free and flip through it on screen. Click here.